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First you need a hosting service, unless you want to install joomla in your localhost, (locally in your computer) to make all the testing in your hard drive.

For this second option, I will soon write an article about installing joomla locally.

The Hosting:

As you may know, the hosting service is simply a server with a hard disk with a few Mega/Gigabytes reserved for you somewhere in the net.

You can pay for it (hostgator or godaddy for example), or just sign in for a free hosting account (like .)

I also recomend you 000webhost…

Free Website Hosting

There are lots of free hosting services, you can have a look and compare searching “free hosting” at

Let’s explain the free option ;-)

How to create a free account for free hosting

For this tutorial, I’ve used website. You can create your new account in, in 3 easy steps:

1. Click on the “Order Now” option.

3 steps in the 0fee account creation

2. Fill in your username, password, email and other details. Click “Register”

3. Check you email inbox for the “Account Activation Required”. Click the link they’ve sent to you and, that’s it!

NOTE: it’s very important to make sure you save your account settings shown once the registration is completed.

How to install Joomla using CPanel & automatic server-side software installation

First of all, you have to log in your control panel. You will find this normally in where you will have to enter your “Control panel username” and “Control panel password”.

0fee main control panel window Read the rest of this entry »


How many times you begin programming your website in a subfolder named /joomla or /wordpress or /gallery?

Once everything is finished and tested, why not leaving it in its place and having your domain “pointing” to that subfolder?

It’s very simple,you just have to edit .htaccess file, normally placed in your root directory and usually empty.

It’s important to back it up before modifying it in case your server falls down to the floor :-O

Example: your domain is called and you have your wordpress installed in the /worpress folder. Edit .htaccess file and insert the following code:
RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*$
RewriteRule ^/?$ “http\:\/\/domain\.com\/wordpress\/” [R=302,L]

Nevertheless I always recommend to have your CMS (joomla, drupal, mambo, etc) or whatever you installed – wordpress, osCommerce, etc, in your domain root directory.