Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

After legal setback against Apple, the Korean giant is hungry for revenge, and some U.S. media as they try ZDNet forward and carry out suing the Cupertino 4G LTE connectivity for the upcoming iPhone 5, which will be presented tomorrow.

According to The Korea Times Samsung’s decision to respond specifically to the violation of patents it owns related to LTE technology, which in the opinion of the Korean have nothing to do with the 3G, which Apple always defended as type FRAND (fair , reasonable, and non-discriminatory or patent fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory).

In response to the disclosures made by various sources, Samsung is planning to attack Apple in the courts of the same Korea, some European countries and of course in the United States.

Moreover, earlier this month became known that Apple extended its lawsuit against Samsung, targeting the Galaxy S III and their tablets, to emerge unscathed from the previous trial.



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